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Software Engineer and Machine Learning Scientist
Highly experienced in developing mathematical/statistical models and machine learning algorithms to solve problems in various fields. Advanced knowledge and experience in both prototyping and full product development.
Information theoretic learning, statistical machine learning, classification, regression, unsupervised learning, probabilistic graphical models, feature selection, data mining and visualization, and software development.


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering 2008 – 2012
M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006 – 2008
Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL
M.S., Systems and Software Design 2002 – 2004
B.S., Computer Science (Minor: Mathematics) 1999 – 2002


Graduate Research Assistant
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL August 2007 – July 2012
Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory
  • Design a subjective information measure, known as a surprise metric, to reduce the time and space complexity of kernel methods by utilizing only the data with relevant information to the system.
  • Design similarity measures based on information theory to perform shape matching, image registration, and content-based image retrieval. Utilize the visual information available in images to store and retrieve them.
  • Design information theoretic learning techniques to cluster and classify objects of interest in side-scan sonar imagery.
  • Assisted in enhancing the minimum average correlation energy filter using a new similarity measure, correntropy, to improve its performance in both generalization and rejection capabilities.
  • Developed a Family of Wikis, using Mediawiki, for the various research areas in the lab.
Research Intern
Prioria Robotics, Inc., Gainesville, FL Summer 2009
  • Developed a real-time system that calculates the weight of objects based only on visual information. Applied various similarity measures based on information theory to the shape matching problem.
Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL August 2006 – August 2007
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Assisted in teaching undergraduate courses in the signal and systems area.
  • Organized special sessions to help students better understand the subject, assisted them with any questions or concerns on the subject, and graded exams and homeworks for the class.
Full Time / Temporary Instructor
Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL August 2004 – August 2006
Department of Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences
  • Taught undergraduate, lower-division courses.
  • Directed undergraduate projects for the Special Topics course.
  • Assisted on various upper-division and graduate courses in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, and Human Computer Interaction.
  • Oversaw students participating in research projects at the Knowledge Systems Lab and the Advanced Interaction Lab. Maintained these laboratories equipment, servers and website.
  • Directed re-construction and implementation of a Beowulf cluster and assisted with the projects.
  • Served as Webmaster for MCIS Department and maintained the department servers.
Research Intern
NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA Summer 2004
  • Developed and implemented a real-time machine learning system for anticipating head movement to reduce latency in virtual-environment applications.
Graduate Research Assistant
Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL August 2002 – April 2004
Knowledge Systems Laboratory
  • Developed a system that uses electromyography (EMG) signals to anticipate head movement for virtual-environment (VE) applications. Used recurrent neural networks to learn the pattern between the EMG signal inputs and time-advanced inertial outputs.
  • Developed a 3D visualization tool, using coordinate transformation and real time animation, to help understand the role of EMG signals in head movement and visualize the improvements in VE latency reduction.
  • Developed a system to schedule classes for the department. Improved the system to also schedule advisors and faculty meetings based on their availabilities.
  • Developed a basic 3D multi-perspective game engine. Created artificial intelligent agents that learn from the environment and/or the players in the game.
  • Assisted in the creation of a gesture recognition system able to track hand movements and count the user’s fingers in real-time utilizing only common hardware/software components.
  • Created emergent and complex behaviors for a mobile robot by combining simple, independent and reflexive behaviors via Subsumption Architecture. Examined different options on reducing the aversion created by the motor power.
  • Assisted in the evaluation of the local Emergency Management Agency’s D2-Puff software to predict the plume release in case of an accident at the nearby chemical incinerator. Created an automated system to facilitate future testing of the software.
Research Assistant
Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL August 2001 – April 2002
Knowledge Systems Laboratory
  • Developed and implemented an image-processing and mining system for use by medical specialists. Created a cross-platform Qt/VTK application to allow intuitive and useful human-computer interaction.
  • Worked on an HCI project to help the local Fire Department in their form filling procedure during emergency situations. Assessed the usability of these forms and developed adaptive PDA and PC applications to provide an efficient way of entering information without redundancy and without forcing the users into a linear path of data entry.


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  • “The effects of information and incentives on a university flex dollar program.” In The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science, Birmingham, AL, 2005. Awarded 1st Place in student competition.
  • “A simulated annealing tool for the class scheduling problem.” In Proceedings of JSU Graduate Research Symposium, Jacksonville, AL, 2004.
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  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude – Honors in Computer Science, JSU; 2002.
  • Recipient of Johnson (J.C.U.) Memorial Scholarship; 2002.
  • Recipient of Allison (Loy W) Scholarship; 2001 – 2002.
  • Recipient of PHI BETA KAPPA Scholarship; 2001.
  • Recipient of Dempsey (Sharon) Memorial Scholarship; 2000 – 2001.
  • President’s List; 1999 – 2002.
  • JSU Computer Programming Competition, First Place 1999, 2000, and 2001


  • ECE Graduate Students Organization, UF – Treasurer
  • IEEE, SPIE, ACM, AITP, ISO – Student Member
  • Habitat for Humanity, UF – Performed volunteer work building houses in poor neighborhoods.
  • Baptist Campus Ministries, JSU – Performed volunteer work assisting youth groups and renovating non-profit organization buildings.


 Languages  MATLAB, C, C++, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, LISP, Ada, Tcl
 Toolkits  Windows Phone SDK, Android SDK, QT, OpenGL, Maverik, VTK, GLUI
 Operating Systems  Windows, Linux, Unix