Problems with the UF LaTeX dissertation template

I am in the process of writing my dissertation and the LaTeX template UF provides is full of bugs. Some are already identified and partially solved by the Editorial Office, some are specific to what you’re doing. Here I’m listing some of the problems that I have come across. I hope it helps the future Ph.D. candidates not to waste as much time as I did.

  • ! LaTeX Error: Something’s wrong–perhaps a missing \item

Usually you will get this error if you have Appendices in your dissertation. There is nothing that you can do to fix this problem, it comes with the template. Just ignore it and move forward. (In my case, I am using WindEdt, so I simply type “r” and then press “enter” to ignore this error.)

  • ! Tex capacity exceeded, sorry [input stack size=5000]
This error can be caused by all sorts of mistakes. In my case, the cause was using the apostrophe in math equations.  If you have the same problem, you need to use \mathaccent for accents in math mode, so just change it to \acute{}.