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Samsung Galaxy S II ROMs

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S II from Sprint and wanted to get rid of the bloatware and customize a few things. There are many apps available in Play Store, but they require superuser privileges. I looked at several

Problems with the UF LaTeX dissertation template

I am in the process of writing my dissertation and the LaTeX template UF provides is full of bugs. Some are already identified and partially solved by the Editorial Office, some are specific to what you’re doing. Here I’m listing

Steps to Install Wiki Family using MediaWiki

#create wiki directory and provide permissions to www group to write mkdir /home/users/www/new_wiki_docroot chmod g+w new_wiki_docroot #create three directories inside new_wiki_docroot that will hold important data mkdir new_wiki_docroot/images mkdir new_wiki_docroot/config mkdir new_wiki_docroot/mycontent chmod g+w new_wiki_docroot/images chmod g+w new_wiki_docroot/config chmod g+w

WordPress Media Upload Problem (the uploaded file could not be moved to …)

One of the main problems that a lot of WordPress users encounter when they try to upload media files for the first time is the error: “the uploaded file could not be moved to …“. This occurs because the web

Flash player not working in Ubuntu 64-bit ( Chrome / Firefox )

If you have installed a 64-bit version of Ubuntu on your computer and then tried to install the 64 bit Chrome version, you will notice that you won’t be able to view Flash movies. And, installing the Flash player (especially from the